Friday, January 24, 2014

Welcome to The Glamorous Genealogist

Genealogy is as addictive as chocolate, as challenging as a rubics' cube and as rewarding as getting first place in a Marathon. If you can go the full 10k with your research, you will usually find that it is a 25 k run.  
Family history is a "hobby" I started  20 years ago. I became obsessed with the lives of my ancestors, not just the dates and places, but how they lived their day to day lives. It has led me into more intensive research of history, geography , and military battles.
I research what they wore, what they ate, how they fought and how they spent their free time.

I am looking forward to sharing my research, genealogy travels ,tips and links with you.
This Blog is a companion to my Youtube Channel which will begin airing Feb 2,2014.

Some of the geographic areas which I have studied and will Blog about are:
- Pioneers of the Ohio River Valley
- Quaker Settlements in Pennsylvania
- Settlers of the Western Reserve
- New York and New Jersey Early Families
- Yorkshire England Quakers
- Genealogy of The Cotswolds, UK

I will share tidbits about travelling for genealogical pursuits locally and internationally.
In 2009 I visited Germany and saw some of my husbands living relatives and did more local genealogy research.
In 2009 I visited St. Nicholas Church in Upper Oddington, Gloucestershire England. I sat in the family pew and saw the baptismal font that 100's of years of my ancestors were baptized at.
I visited The Tucker Methodist Church in Washington County Pennsylvania in 2006.
It is on land donated by my 4th great grandfather Johnathan Tucker.

You can look forward to Blogs about my adventures in Joining Lineage Societies.
I am a member of the Daughters of The American Revolution and will blog about the complexities of Proving a new/previously non documented soldier. 

There will be a lengthy blog on The Pitfalls of Genealogy and I will humbly
share some of the  mistakes I have personally made whilst hot on the trail
of my ancestors.
More to come!
Thank you for stopping by.
The Glamorous Genealogist

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