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A List of Ships & Passengers of William Penns' Fleet

A number of my ancestors were Quakers from Lancashire  and Yorkshire England. They came over to America with William Penn. Following is a list of Penn's Ships and the passengers who traveled on these vessels.
William Penn

Please be advised that this list could contain errors or may not be complete. 

The Freeman August, 1682, George Southern, master, one of Penn's fleet Thomas Brassey William Morton
Friends' Adventure September 1682, Thomas Wall, master, one of Penn's fleet 
Thomas Barrett ,William Beasy ,John Brearly ,Luke Brindley. Samuel Buckley, Thomas Buckley, John Brock, John Clows, Joseph Clows ,Sarah Clows ,Ralph Cowgill, Andrew Heath, Eliza Heaton ,John Heycock, Job Houle, Thomas Leister, Henry Lingart, Daniel Milnor, Joseph Milnor, James Morris, Ralph Nuttall, George and Eleanor Pownall and children: Reuben, Elizabeth, Sarah, Rachel and Abigail, Martha Worrall, William, and Jane Yardley and children: Enoch, Thomas and William Shadrach Walley, William and Elizabeth Barrett Venables and children: Joyce and Frances

The Hester and Hannah August, 1682, William East, master, 
one of Penn's fleet. William Guest

The Jeffries (or Jeffrey) 1st month, 20, 1686, Thomas Arnold, master 
Johannes Cassel and children: Arnold, Peter, Elizabeth, Mary, and Sarah. Joseph Ransted ,Sarah Shoemaker (widow) and children: George, Abraham, Barbary, Isaac, Susanna, Elizabeth and Benjamin

The Lamb October 22, 1682, John Tench, master, one of Penn's fleet Ellen Cowgill and children John, Ralph, Edmund, Jane and Jennet Thomas Croasdale, wife Agnes and children: William, John , Elizabeth, Mary, Bridget and Alice James Dilworth, wife Ann Waln, son Stephen Cuthbert and Mary Rudd Hayhurst and Children: Elizabeth, William, Margery, John, Cuthbert and Alice Charles Lee ,Stephen Sands, Robert and Alice Heaton and children: Grace, Robert, James, Agnes and Ephraim Thomas and Margery Stackhouse and nephews: John and Thomas Nicholas and Jane Turner Waln and children: Jane, Richard and Margaret Thomas and Alice Hayhurst Wigglesworth

The Lion August 13, 1682, John Compton, master
 Dr. Edward and Mary Wynne Jones and children Martha and Jonathan William ap Edward and 2nd wife Jane and daughters Katherine and Elizabeth (Williams) Edward ap Rees and wife Mably and children Rees and Catherine (Price)

The Liver (or Levee) of Liverpool July 1683, James Kilner, master, 
Thomas Brinket, Philip Englandm George Greenm Edward Jonesm Nicholas Newlin and sons John and Nathaniel ...wife Mary

The Morning Star November 1683, from Liverpool, Thomas Hayes, master,
 from Liverpool Henry Atherly, David Davies  Robert Davies  , wife and children George Edge , wife, Joan "of Barrow" Humphrey Edwards, servant to John ap Edwards, John ap Edwards and minor children Elizabeth, Sarah, Edward and Evan Mary Hughes, servant to John ap Edwards, William ap John (Jones), wife Ann Reynold and children John. Alice, Katherine and Gwen Gabriel Jones, servant to John ap Edwards, John Loftus,,William and Elizabeth Morgan, Thomas Oldham, Thomas Pritchard, Gainor Roberts,, sister of Hugh Roberts, married fellow passenger John Roberts,, Hugh Roberts, wife Jane and children Robert, Ellin, Owen, Edward and William ,John Roberts, Richard ap Thomas and son Richard, Jr.

The Providence 7th month, 29, 1682, Robert Hopper, master
 William Carter, John Lash

 Name ? 10th month, 1683, Robert Hopper, master 
Joshua and Isabel Hoopes and children: Dan, Margaret and Christian John and Christian Palmer

The Rebecca 8th month, 31, 1685, James Skinner, master
 Thomas Bates Richard and Margaret Cureton and children: William and Jane Edmund and Isabel Cutler and children: Elizabeth, Thomas and William, John Cutler, Ann Dugdale , Robert Hewit ,James Heyworth, James Holgate, Mathew Holdgate, and daughter Mary John Jennings,John and Ann Lathum and children: John, Aron, Moses and Ann, Richard Mather, James Molenex, James Myriall, Cornelius Netherwood, James, Mary, Richard, Edward, Rebecca and Rachell Ratcliffe, Hester Rothwell, James Rothwell ,James Scoles, John Scoles, William Wardle, Elizabeth Wingreene.

The Samuel September 18, 1682, John Adey, master, 
one of Penn's fleet Edward and Mercy Jefferson, Henry Paxson and wife and children: John, Henry and Elizabeth Thomas Paxson, Robert Young

The Amity August 8, 1682, arrived at Upland, Richard Dymond, master 
John Beckingham, servant to Joseph Richards,, William Beckingham, servant to Joseph Richards, Thomas Bowman, John Claypoole, John Fletcher, Daniel Hall, servant to Henry Waddy,Thomas Holme, Edmund McVeagh, John and Elizabeth (Sellat) Martin, of Edgcott, Buckinghamshire, James and Jane Paxson, and children Sarah and William, William and Mary Paxson and daughter Mary. Joseph and Jane Richards, Of Newgate in Witney, Oxfordshire, settled in Chichester. Henry Stacey, Thomas Seary (Cerey), Henry Waddy .

The Amity ,5th month, 15, 1686 at Philadelphia, Richard Dymond, master
David and Sarah Lloyd, Christopher and Barbara Sibthorp, and daughter Barbary William Pike.

The Lyon August 13, 1682, John Compton, master
 Dr. Edward and Mary Wynne Jones and children Martha and Jonathan (William ap Edward and 2nd wife Jane and daughters Katherine and Elizabeth (Williams) Edward ap Rees and wife Mably and children Rees and Catherine (Price).

The Samuel and Mary November 1683, Thomas Skeves, master 
Samuel Beakes, mother Mary, brothers William and Stephen, Henry Comly, wife Joan and son Henry, Jr. Joseph Kirle, Thomas Masters, James West ,Robert Young

The Society August, 1682, Thomas Jordan, master, 
of Bristol
 Joseph English, Giles and Mary (English) Knight and son Joseph. Ann Knigh,t Thomas and Joanna Paschall and children Thomas, William and Mary.

The Submission November 2, 1682, James Settle, master, one of Penn's fleet.
 Randall and Allis Blackshaw and family: Phebe, Sarah, Abraham, Jacob, Mary, Nehemiah and Martha Robert Bond Roger and Eleanor Bradbury and family: Jacob, Martha, Jospeh, Sarah and Roger Elizbaeth Breadbury James and Jane Clayton and children: James, John, Joshua, Sarah, Mary and Lydia Jane and Margery Maude Allis Dickenson James and Ann Harrison, Agness Harrison Ellis and Jane Jones and family: Barbary, Dorothy, Mary and Isaac Jane Lyon Joseph Mather Marjory Mede, Jane Mede Phineas and Phebe Pemberton and children: Abigail and Joseph Ralph Pemberton Richard Radcliffe Joseph Steward Lydia Wharmby
The Thomas and Anne October, 1681, at New Jersey, Thomas Singleton, master, Voyage 1 William Biddle Francis Collins Thomas Crundall (Crandall) Edward Ellis John Essington

The Unicorne 10th month, 1682, Thomas Cooper, master 
William Cloude and sons William, Jr, Jeremiah and Robert Anthony Elton, wife Susanna, children: Mary, Geroge, Anthony Jr., and Thomas

The Vine 7th month, 17, 1684, William Preeson, master
 Thomas Armes, Henry and Margaret Baker and children: Rachell, Rebecca, Phebe, Hester, Nathan and Samuel. John Bal,l Rebecca Barrow, Mary Becke,t Deborah Boothe, Thomas Canby, John Cowp, David Davis, Alexander and Margaret Edwards and children: Margaret, Martha, Alexander and Thomas, Edward Edwards, Lowry Edwards, Jane Evans (widow) and children: Sarah, Mary, Alice, Eliza and Joseph. Joseph Ferror, Thomas Fisher, Susan Griffith, Elinor Hall, Martha Hall, Mary Hall, Rebecca Hall, Thomas Harrison, Daniel Harris, (Harry) Hugh Harris (Harry,) William and Eliza Hatton, Charles Hues, Joseph Hurst, Anne Jones and daughter Anne Rees, and Hannah Jones and children Richard, Evan and Lowry, Joshua Lort ,Robert Lort ,Ann Owen, Griffith and Sarah Owen and children: Robert, Sarah and Elinor .Katherine Owen ,Robert and Jeane Owen and son Lewis. Lawrence Parker Rees and Ann Prees and children: Mary, Sarah, Phebe, Richard and John. John and Susan Richards and children: Hannah and Bridget. Henry Siddell. John Siddell, Elizabeth Stedman and children: Sarah, and Joseph. John Stedman, Katherine Tidey ,and daughter Mary Richard and Margaret Turner and daughter Rebecca. James Yates Jeanne, Bridget and Elizabeth Watt.

The Friendship August 14, 1682, Robert Crossman, master, one of Penn's fleet
 James Kennerly, Thomas and Margaret Minshall. John and Jane Sharpless and children: Phebe, John, Thomas (died on voyage), James, Caleb, Jane and Joseph. John Simcock and sons John and Jacob. William and Margaretta Taylor and children Joseph, Elizabeth and Mary. Peter Taylor, Randle Vernon, Robert Vernon, Thomas Vernon
 Name ? 8th month, 14, 1683, John Crumpton, master 
Benjamin Acton, Lemuel Bradshaw, Alice Cales, Benjamin Clift, Margaret Colvert (Calvert), William Conduit, Richard Curtis ,Edmund Doyle, Joseph and Elizabeth Fisher and children: Martha, Mary and Moses, Henry Furnace, Joseph Furnace ,Rachel Furnace ,Rowland Hambridge, Valentine Hollingsworth and son Henry, Elizabeth Johnson, Robert Kilcarth, Edward Lancaster, Robert Lloyd, Peter Long, William Long, Phillip Packer, John Reeves, William Robertson, Robert Selford ,Thomas Tearewood ,Mary Toole,

 Name ? November, 1683, Robert Crossman, master, from Liverpool George and Isabella Gleave, servants to Hough, and their son George Jonathan Hayes, wife Ann Williamson, and children Jonathan, Mary and Elizabeth John Hough, wife Hannah and son John Henry Maddock, Thomas Pemberton

 Name ?  8th month 31, 1683, Thomas Cooper, master 
George and Ellinor Painter and children: Susan and George Jannet Umphries

 Name ? 10th month, 16, 1685, Thomas Cooper, master 
Daniel Flower, Mary Bradwell, Sarah Bradwell, Joshua Chart, Samuel Chart, Jane Chart, Jane Chart, Jr. Philip Doling, Thomas Hopes, John Hopes, John Ironmonger, Henry Laking, Susanna Laking, Moses Laking ,Thomas Martin, Margery Martin, Mary Martin, Sarah Martin, Hannah Martin, Rachel Martin , Moses Mendenhall ,Thomas Mixon, Thomas Mixon, Jr. Anne Morgan, Joseph Morgan, Benjamin Morgan, Elizabeth Philpot, John Roberts, Hannah Smith, Mary Townsend, Thomas Tushin, Godden Walter, Faith Wotten.

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